Scrum Framework

The largest Global training provider “The Knowledge Academy“, is providing great training in Project Management worldwide. They have several other courses as well.

Being a Certified Scrum Master, not only makes you certified, but it actually makes you understand Scrum Framework and it’s implementation in real world. Scrum is easy to understand but hard to implement. Attending training and certification gives you an insight of Scrum Framework. Trainers ensure, you not only understand Scrum but also provide guidelines to implement it in real practical world.

Scrum Master Classroom Training
Scrum Trainer

“Ridhi Chhabra” as one of the Scrum Trainers, travels mostly during weekends to provide the best of Scrum training during the classroom interactive sessions. Trainee’s satisfaction is what matters the most!

Sharing knowledge gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction to Trainer as well.

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